Georgia E – Visa

FOR GCC countries they do not need to apply for Visa as well as any resident person in any country of the GCC countries but there are some Arab countries that asked to apply for Visa Georgia in advance and can be confirmed through the ministry’s website.

This list of countries exempted from visa Georgian:

Antigua and Barbuda Czech Republic Italia Kingdom of Thailand The Principality of Andorra Republic of Costa Rica Republic of Lithuania Republic of Slovenia Sultanate of Oman
Argentina The Federal Republic of Germany Japan Kingdom of the Netherlands The Principality of Monaco Republic of Croatia Republic of Malta Republic of South Africa Swiss Confederation
Barbados Federal Republic of Brazil Denmark Kyrgyz Republic The Republic of Korea Republic of Cyprus Republic of Mauritius Republic of Tajikistan Turkmenistan
Belize French Republic Bahrain Lebanon Republic Republic of Albania Republic of Chile Republic of Moldova Turkey Ukraine
Bosnia and Herzegovina Territory of the French Republic Kingdom of Belgium Malaysia Republic of Armenia Republic of Ecuador Republic of Panama Republic of Uzbekistan The United Arab Emirates
Of Britain, Guernsey States, Jersey, Isle of Man Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Kingdom of Denmark land The black Mountain Republic of Austria Republic of El Salvador Republic of Poland Russian Federation United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
British overseas territories – Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Turks and Caicos Islands and Gibraltar Republic of Greece Kingdom of the Netherlands territory State of Brunei Republic of Azerbaijan Republic of Estonia Republic of Romania Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Mexico
Canada Holy See Kingdom of Norway New Zealand Republic of Belarus Republic of Finland Republic of San Marino Slovak Republic United States of America
Commonwealth of Australia Hungary Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Eastern Republic of Uruguay Republic of Botswana Republic of Honduras Republic of Serbia Israel
Dominican Republic Iceland Kingdom of Spain Portuguese Republic Republic of Bulgaria Republic of Kazakhstan Republic of Seychelles Kuwait
Commonwealth of the Bahamas The Irish Republic Kingdom of Sweden Principality of Liechtenstein Republic of Colombia Republic of Latvia Republic of Singapore Diameter 

Things you must have & know about E-visa

  • Internet connection.
  • Credit card or debit card that allows the transfer of money electronically
  • Scanned copies of your official documents.
  • You should be able to provide all the required documents on the borders of the Georgian state.
  • You can apply e-Visa only if you were not staying on the territory of Georgia.
  • Choose a country of citizenship according to the travel document you have / passport.
  • Note that the travel / passport document validity should be extended at least for a period of three months after the validity of the Georgian visa application.
  • Who do not have the nationality of the choice of the country, according to the travel document
  • In the case of dual nationality, must be chosen according to travel document / passport country, which will be used to travel to Georgia
  • Note that you are eligible for a visa unless you have one of the travel documents / passports mentioned in the appropriate section.
  • E-visa must be used for visits with a short stay only (less than 90 days).

Important NOTICE

The Georgian border authorities will examine all data and information you have provided to obtain the Georgia Electronic Visa. If the information provided is not correct, the electronic visa you received by e-mail will be canceled and will become unusable. To enter Georgian territory.